Event Category: Culture

  • Great Big Green Week

    Great Big Green Week

    A week to focus on all things green, sustainable and environmental. Various events will be taking place in the town this week. It is the UK’s celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. Henley retailers and restaurants are encouraged to display a ‘Green’ window or a…

  • Remembrance Sunday Service

    Remembrance Sunday Service

    Residents and visitors can gather in the Market Place to watch the service on the Town Hall steps and watch the procession around the Town Hall.

  • Mayor Making

    Mayor Making

    A momentous occasion as the town comes alive with anticipation for the Mayor Making ceremony. The air will be filled with excitement as we gather to witness the formal announcement of our new Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The event promises to be a spectacle of tradition and pageantry, with a…

  • Henley Festival

    Henley Festival

    Henley Festival unfolds as an exquisite boutique affair, characterized by its black-tie elegance, spanning five days dedicated to the finest in UK and international music and arts. This festival is not just an event; it stands as a truly distinctive experience. Here, a dynamic program unfolds, seamlessly weaving together genres…

  • Henley Royal Regatta

    Henley Royal Regatta

    Henley Royal Regatta stands as the epitome of regattas globally, a standout on the summer sports calendar and a must-attend affair during the social season. Drawing in crowds of enthusiasts throughout the week, the Regatta showcases over 300 races of international caliber, featuring not only Olympic rowers but also crews…