Shop Category: Clothes

  • Collier and Robinson

    Collier and Robinson

    We specialise in high quality hand-made bespoke blazers and accessories for clubs and a ‘Henley-inspired’ ready to wear collection. Established in 2003, we started out making club blazers for local and visiting rowing crews to Henley, the undisputed home of British Rowing. Our clientele now includes, amongst others, vintage car…

  • Mary Brooks

    Mary Brooks

    This established family business sells gorgeous ladies wear – from something to wear every day, to something for a special occasion you are sure to find the perfect outfit.

  • Valse Collection

    Valse Collection

    Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, re-wearing and passing on truly unique, or high quality pieces from all types of designers from all over the world. Our founders are big believers in getting a good deal so we want to bring you the best we can.

  • Un Dimanche a Paris

    Un Dimanche a Paris

    This store is designed to add a flow of chic into your wardrobe. Un Dimanche à Paris is a flow of chic in your wardrobe and a wave that travels from the shores of Barbados to the charm of the English countryside from the heart of Paris.

  • Laurence Menswear

    Laurence Menswear

    An independent Menswear Shop, offering unique designs from Europe’s best independent brands. From formal suits to casual wear, you will always be met with the best customer service.

  • Whistles


    Known for timeless design, curating must have pieces and wardrobe signatures that elevate the everday.

  • Quba & Co

    Quba & Co

    British nautical clothing brand.

  • Nina


    Independent boutique with brands from all around the world.

  • Brook Taverner

    Brook Taverner

    Impeccable English styling and attention to detail is conveyed in every stitch in this menswear store. With exquisite craftsmanship, precision tailoring and premium fabrics from the kiles of Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon.

  • Tigers ‘n’ Tiaras

    Tigers ‘n’ Tiaras

    Providing great quality children’s and kids clothing manufactured with minimal environmental impact and to the highest ethical standards, wherever possible. Our focus will be on small runs of garments selected carefully to suit the needs of our customer without encouraging seasonal fashion waste.