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  • Valse Collection

    Valse Collection

    Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, re-wearing and passing on truly unique, or high quality pieces from all types of designers from all over the world. Our founders are big believers in getting a good deal so we want to bring you the best we can.

  • Un Dimanche a Paris

    Un Dimanche a Paris

    This store is designed to add a flow of chic into your wardrobe. Un Dimanche à Paris is a flow of chic in your wardrobe and a wave that travels from the shores of Barbados to the charm of the English countryside from the heart of Paris.

  • Moda in Pelle

    Moda in Pelle

    Taking pride in combining British sophistication with fine Italian quality and gorgeous leater. Believing in creating fashionable footwear that combines affordable luxury, stunning design and complete comfort for customers.

  • Cecilia Quinn

    Cecilia Quinn

    Stocking stunning designer shoes and boots for women.

  • Mint Velvet

    Mint Velvet

    After years of not finding what they wanted to wear on the high street, co-founders Liz, Lisa and Jane had outgrown fast fashion and wanted luxurious, effortless pieces they could just slip on, nodding to the trends in a relaxed way: the concept of Relaxed Glamour was born.